Is Solar for Me?

What is your Annual Energy consumption?

  • Light users and heavy users both benefit from Solar Production.
  • Use our Solar Calculator to determine your best rates of return and what Solar Energy can do for you..

Where will I install my Array?

  • Do I have a south, east or west facing aspect with little or no Shading?
  • Do I have a good aspect for a roof mount or ground mount Array?
  • Could I build a shaded Carport or toy storage with an Array?

What is the current Age/Condition of my roof?

  • Roof should be in good condition and Idealy less than 10-15 years old. (Shingle roofs)
  • This is often a good time to re-shingle an old roof.

What is the capacity of your Electrical Service and Transformer?

  • With larger transformer ratings, installation sizes can increase drastically, which is great for returns. This can be determined as part of our evaluation. All we need is a copy of your power bill.
  • Current size and condition of Electrical Service is an important factor in the design of a Solar System.

You should own the property or have a long term lease in place.

Do you feel like it is time for us to catch up with many other parts of the world in the renewable energy game?

Do You have access to Rural Powerafication Grants? Solar falls under this wonderfull umbrella that everbody should untilize for this purpose.

Are you considering an Electric Vehicle in the next 15 to 20 years? Wall packs incorperated into a Solar array will offset high demands of Vehicle Charges at peak times.

Do you think energy rates are going to increase or decrease in the next 15 to 20 years?

Increases in rates mean even better rates of return on your installation.